Who we are

“Kyzer Construction turned my house into a sanctuary by taking the time to really listen to how we use our spaces and offering practical solutions and alternatives when we ran into challenges. Every part of the process was clear and I felt like I could relax with Kyzer at the helm.”

Molly Nefkens | Park City

We are passionate about quality and it shows in our work. Our mission is to deliver a quality product and experience through clear communication and personalized client relations. Established in 2007, we are a first generation owned and operated general contracting company that delivers precise, reliable and unmatched results in custom residential and commercial projects. We have a lifetime of field experience in all phases of construction.

Our Process

  1. Pre-Construction plan development and const projection
    • We utilize a team approach to include the client and relevant architects, engineers, designers, and sub contractors. As a team, we will work to develop the overall project concept, work scopes, timeline and budget
  2. Service agreement
    • A service agreement, including a small retainer, is developed to initiate the creation of the construction documents
  3. Create the Construction Documents
    • Architectural plans
    • Designer presentation
    • Work scope details
    • Cost projections
    • Project timeline and schedule
  4. Sign the contract
    • Draw 1 initial dispersement due at signing.
  5. Schedule and begin on site work
    • We break ground or into walls and get to work
  6. Project Management
    • Safety, respect, craftsmanship and accountability are how we consistently deliver an exceptional product
  7. Quality construction practices
    • Transparent financial records
    • Timely execution
    • Open communication
  8. Project completion
    • A room by room inspection is completed with the client and master punch list created and completed
    • Certificate of occupancy



We develop realistic pre-construction documents by creating accurate work scope details generating more complete project outlooks. We have a constant presence onsite increasing the efficiency of the subs and craftsman and encourages timely value based decisions when adjustments and modification are necessary. Finally, special projects: We have extensive experience developing and executing one-off custom ideas and concepts making your project truly unique and one of a kind.